Lens Magazin – Shipyards of Dhaka

In this month’s fantastic and colorful issue, you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful color explosion; wonderful projects made by outstanding photographers from all around the globe.

We are pleased to feature an exclusive interview with award-winning international photographer Elena Paraskeva who exhibits her latest fantastic projects.

Mark Edward Harris interviewed Lissa Hahn, a renowned professional photographer who works in the unique food photography field; A fascinating interview where Hahn explains her campaign and workflow. You will be surprised by Sam Droege’s colorful extreme macro photography work focused on the Bees. More you will find unique and outstanding projects in all genres and fields by amazing photographers from all around the globe!

Featured Photographers
Elena Paraskeva, Lissa Hahn, Justin Hession, Jean Karotkin, Sam Droege, Sebastian Piórek, Kyle McCorquodale, Doug Caplan, Aga Szydlik, Josef Bürgi, Janusz Jurek.

Read full article (Lens Magazine Issue 101, PDF).

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