Lens Magazine – Schwingen

This fabulous issue focuses on unique projects and hidden stories from all cultural aspects. We have the pleasure of featuring an exclusive interview with Angelika Kollin, who profoundly looks at the emotional relationship aspect with our family and the ordinary people around us.
An Exclusive Interview With Biljana Jurukovski, who presents the Journey to the Past: A Glimpse into the Forgotten Kuba Kingdom of DR Congo, including a unique portrait of Prince Pongo Kwete of the Kuba Kingdom.

An Exclusive Interview with Nicholas Bonner, the producer and director of North Korean films. Bonner co-curated the North Korea content for the Korea pavilion at the 2014 Venice Biennale, which was awarded the Golden Lion. The Film Stars of North Korea article presents Kim Gwang Song’s photography and an Interview by Mark Edward Harris.

Mark Edward Harris is also exhibiting his beautiful project ‘Tales from Hidden Japan,’ which gives us a fascinating look at the heart and soul of the country. Josef Buergi is covering Schwingen: The Swiss National Sport, and Julie-Anne Davies brings the story of Charming Days With the Changpa | semi-nomadic Tibetan people. Jerry Beard deeply explores the Gator Wilderness | Camp school for boys. Holger Hoffmann presents two magnificent projects: A Nomads’ Wedding in Chad and The Houses of the Kassena. More you will find the unique work of Terri Gold, shooting in IR -The Seven-Day Festival | Gerewol, Hoda Barakat is presenting a wedding ceremony in Charam Kohan, Kalat, Northeast of Iran and Sandrine Villa brings photos of her adoptive home, Africa.

Featured Photographers:
Angelika Kollin, Biljana Jurukovski, Nicholas Bonner, Kim Gwang Song, Mark Edward Harris, Josef Buergi, Jerry Beard, Julie-Anne Davies, Holger Hoffmann, Terri Gold, Hoda Barakat, Sandrine Villa.

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