Lens Magazine – The New York Mosaic

In the exciting BIG B&W Issue 2024, are some of the world’s most influential photographers featured.

Mark Edward Harris presents a fabulous project: Viva the Other Las Vegas, where he decided to combine the 19th and early 20th centuries with his contemporary work. Frank Binder presents a documentary project dedicated to the Dassanech tribe, and Gabriela Martinez is an enthusiast of mountain landscapes, specifically the allure of the Himalayan Kingdom.

Outstanding photographer Michelle Valberg exhibits her unique project, Untamed Radiance: The Power and Passion of Infrared Wildlife.

Josef Buergi presents New York’s Mosaic, and Philip Collier presents Photographs From A Lifetime.

You will be captivated by Sasha Sobol’s project, ‘Nature’s Music,’ and touched by Grace Piontek’s two fantastic series: Natural Beauty & Intimates. Pygmalion Karatzas showcases a fantastic series of works that combine “up” with “down” images of architectural views. Michael Potts is looking for where the conscious and subconscious meet through an outstanding underwater photography series.

Holger Hoffmann documented the Mundari tribe, where their cattle mean the world to them. Neeq Serene, (cover image), focuses on the desire for freedom through unique portraits that embody a yearning for liberation and a rebellious spirit against the burdens of existence. Lastly, Paola De Gregorio takes us on a journey “lost in time” in a small village in Italy, where solitude and abandonment now prevail.
Enjoy the outstanding BIG B&W Issue 2024!

Featured Photographers:
Arkadiusz Kubisiak, Mark Edward Harris, Frank Binder, Gabriela Martinez, Michelle Valberg, Josef Buergi, Philip Collier, Sasha Sobol, Grace Piontek, Pygmalion Karatzas, Michael Potts, Holger Hoffmann, Neeq Serene, Paola De Gregorio.

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