Drawing Contest 2020 – Winners Announced!


I’m thrilled to announce the winners of the JOE BUERGI PHOTOGRAPHY DRAWING CONTEST 2020! Reviewing a stellar shortlist of 20 awesome drawings, our esteemed jury have selected 3 top main winners and 12 more winners.

The standard of the entries was incredibly high, with an array of techniques used to bring my portraits and photographs to life.

Whether through pencils, oil or water color, everyone presented their drawings in their own way. That offered a very personal look into the mind of you creatives.

I like to thank to all who sumbitted to the contest, but also to the jury and the sponsors of the prizes.

Art connects the world!

1. @atharva_salpekar
2. @_daisy_.11
3. @the.artwizard

Thanks to the sponsors Ursula, Sädy, Jolanda, Verena, Marie-Rose, Rita, Bruno and @schulkids.ch who donated @carandache pencil boxes.

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream” – Vincent Willem van Gogh