Lake Turkana with Josef Bürgi

Oryx Worldwide Photographic Expeditions

When you get to travel to an area that rivals the Omo Valley in photographic opportunities, you know you’ve got a special trip at your disposal!

Found on the World Heritage list, Lake Turkana is in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province and the Kenyan tribes residing on its shores live a traditional life as hunter-gatherers and fisherman. The people found here form part of the Nilotic tribes that constitutes as the second largest pastoralist community in Kenya after the Maasais. They are a colourful tribe when it comes to regalia and dressing: men dye their hair with coloured soil while women adorn themselves with jewellery and beaded necklaces, which is significant to her standing in society.

Earlier this year, ORYX embarked on our first photo safari to the Lake Turkana region and our guests were able to experience geographical beauty, rural homesteads and fishing boats, warm-hearted people and interesting animals. One of our guests was Josef Bürgi, and he has kindly shared with us his picturesque portfolio and his feedback on this tour.

“I travelled with ORYX to Ethiopia’s Omo Valley and expanded the cultural experience for my next trip by visiting Northern Kenya’s Lake Turkana region. Although this area is in close proximity to the Omo Valley, the tribes found here are very different.

The trip was so amazing and very well organised that I have absolutely nothing to complain about. What I enjoy most about exploring with ORYX are the small group sizes. With a small group, there is enough time to photograph and to focus on composition, and the effort Marius made as our tour leader to make photographic moments happen were well appreciated!

There was a moment when 100 camels approached across the dusty landscape, while at the same time 50 donkeys and their young herders came into picture, when suddenly a bunch of cows also came onto the scene. It was such an epic moment, it was just awesome and it’s all because ORYX made this tour happen. It’s a trip that I will never forget! I look forward to my next trip with the ORYX team in the near future.”

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