Lens magazine – Khawaja Sira

In this month’s fantastic issue, we have the pleasure of featuring intimate stories and sensitive personal projects by award-winning international photographers from around the globe. We enjoyed publishing an exclusive interview with an outstanding, fabulous French photojournalist Jennifer Carlos, who shares two projects: Daughters of God and Refugees camp in the Paris area.

Jose Jeuland did this excellent interview. More, you will find the extraordinary, unique project by Barbara Peacock, who covers the most intimate stories of lovers in American Bedrooms.
Miguel ‘Chromatic’ Valencia shares his outstanding project ‘The Other Side of San Diego,’ which focuses on gangs, culture, and the hidden side.
Indeed a fantastic issue! Enjoy!

Featured Photographers
Jennifer Carlos, Barbara Peacock, Miguel ‘Chromatic’ Valencia, Nilangana Banerjee, Geoffrey Ansel Agrons, Gala Semenova, Jean Karotkin, Ghazal Abbasi, Joe Buergi, Florin Ion Firimita, Leon Syfrit, and Sasha Sobol

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