Lens magazine – Kyrgyzstan

In this beautiful 2022 First Issue, dedicated to “Travel Photography,” are unique projects in all fields and aspects made by internationally acclaimed photographers from around the globe featured.

José Jeuland exhibits his work from ‘The Blue City Jodhpur.’ Syrian photographer Hasan Ibrahim Belal focuses on ‘Syrian Thoughts on public transportations’ and the nightlife in Syria; Aga Szydlik features a unique B&W project focusing on ‘The Last of the Incas | Q’ero Nation.’

Featured Photographers
Ami Vitale | Mark Edward Harris | José Jeuland | Hasan Ibrahim Belal | Aga Szydlik | Joe Buergi | María Tudela Bermudez | Behnam Khoshbaten | Jens Vange | Pygmalion Karatzas | Maria Rosenblatt | Cody Albert

Read full article (Lens Magazine Issue 88, PDF).

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