The must-have app

When it comes to smartphone image editing, Snapseed is the app of your choice. Well, there is also LD (lens distortion) which I use for fake sunflares, fog, snow and rain. But Snappseed is in my opinion the best app so far. And I tried a lot of them, just to come back to it.

Snapseed is free of charge and available on Android and iPhone, check out the app stores. There is also a desktop version, which I used only a few times.

Top features
– image overlay (as many as you like)
– converting into b&w
– modify individual edits
– healing
– portraits
– masking
– vignette
– sharpening
– enhance details
– different looks
– artificial seize enhancement
– borders
– raw editing
– and a lot more

Try it out, it’s worth the effort.

I turned this image

into that, doing 29 steps of editing.

Awesome, isn’t it?