AI – a new approach of seeing

Photography is the art and practice of capturing images using light, colors, shadow and composition. It is a widely popular form of visual expression and communication.

And now there is AI. Everybody speaks about it and some say that it is the end of photography. Or even the end of humanity or the end of the world. Is that so?

We already had the discussion about photomanipulation a few years ago. Steve McCurry was blamed for deleting distracting things on his images. Big story!!

And there was Boris Elgadsen who had won a major photography competition (Sony World Photography Award) in 2023. Afterwards he said, that the image was partly AI created. He got disqualified after that. Also a big story!

I just played around with some images from my latest travels, and put them into different style images. They look somehow good, but not photorealistic enough. Maybe there are other tools that do the job better (Photoshop, Mindjourney, Bluewillow).

For these images I used Photoleap, Lightleap and Retouch. And for basic ajustments the good and old snapseed. And Rimini for upscaling afterwards. And a shrinking tool for 2000*1300 px. A hell of a lot of apps!!

So, I like them a bit and they give me another way of seeing and inspiration. It also gives me an idea of colors and elements in the frame (trees, flowers, ..). As a creative you should cross your own borders to discover new stuff.

All images base on my own images from various travels

But – the feedback from my Facebook audience was not really good. I asked what they think about. And they said: emotionless, unreal, …

Finally it’s the composition that makes the images and this is still the photographer who does it. Basta!!

Towns: Orvieto, Trevi, Assisi, Perugia, Spoleto, Samarkand, Bukhara, Kiwa, Frankfurt