Josef Buergi is a Swiss photographer who discovered his passion for photography in the early 2000s. Despite having studied engineering at the Bale Institute of Technology and working full-time as a project and team leader for the local government, he has managed to become a skilled and accomplished photographer through self-teaching and studying the works of masters.

Buergi’s photography encompasses a diverse range of subjects, including music, culture, landscapes, and wildlife. His work captures the essence of life’s journey, seeking out quiet moments and playing with light to create compelling and unique images. His eclectic style is reflected in his diverse body of work, from travel photography to landscapes and portraits.

Buergi’s belief in the power of photography to capture unique moments and inspire positive change is evident in his work. His photographs have been featured in prestigious publications such as Terra Mater, National Geographic, VIEW, Lens Magazine, Mensch Magazine, and AAP Magazine, among others. He has also received recognition for his work through various awards and competition wins.

Josef Buergi
Belp, Switzerland

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