Interview – Inspired Eye Magazine #29

I’m lucky to be featured in the Inspired Eye magazine #29 this month. Inspired Eye magazine is a pdf online publication featuring photographers from all over the world, sharing their projects and their stories in a well curated platform.

Please tell us something about you, your life and interest etc.

My name is Joe Buergi and I’m from Berne, Switzerland. I work as a project manager for internet and new media for one of the biggest transportation companies in Switzerland. I got into photography a long time ago. Now, I’m just obsessed about photography. My work is mostly in black & white.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

Traveling and photographing new places inspires me a lot. Also meeting people and getting in touch with them. The thrill of that one epic shot is another point which I am hunting for.

What age are you and at what age did you start your journey as a photographer?

I just turned 50 last October. My journey as a photography started as a kid, with one of my fathers old film cameras.

Would you mind sharing some of the things you feel helped you along the way with your photography, (lessons, workshops, books etc)….and also some of the things that may have

Do you do photography for hire or as an art form?

I do it just as a hobby for myself.

What do you do for work and how does photography fit into that?

I have a degree in engineering and work now as a project and team leader for internet and new media themes. This is a good combination, both has to do with usability and user interaction.

What Genre’ of photography are you most comfortable working in?

Well, I don’t know. I use to do a lot of landscapes, people photography and also street photography. I’m still on the run to figure it out which one I like most.

When you work, are you working on different series or just finding photos that fit the way you feel at the moment?

I don’t go out and working on a series or a certain project. I go out and hit the shutter for whatever I like.

Can you describe a few of your trigger mechanisms that make you want to stop and shoot?

Interesting people, stunning and awesome landscapes.

How strong of a connection do you have with your subject matter and can you describe that connection?

I don’t have a certain connection. I like it or I don’t like it. It’s that easy 🙂

What are your recurring themes?

Landscapes of strong mountain scenes – dark with a lot of clouds – moody and dreamfull.

What is the distance to your subject you are most comfortable with while working?

Well street photography is often a bit complicated for me. Getting close is not very easy. I like to go closer, but I it’s hard sometimes.

What is your favorite Focal Length or Field of View?

I am a 85mm guy.

What camera are you working with currently?

I own a Canon 5D and a Fujifilm X100S.